Dear Customer,

Unfortunately we have not been able to contact everybody for which we apologise, we will make further calls tomorrow.

After consulting with my solicitor we will bring clarity tomorrow the 9th of May so each and everyone knows what has happend. Also the bankdetails wil be disclosed but with the names blacked out due to privacy regulations.

There are many rumours flying round that im on a tropical island and so on. This is not the  im in Holland. I am NOT on the correspondence address this is the adres of my parents whom are both in their eighties and have nothing to do with this, i would kindly  like to ask you not to visit them.

As of tomorrow the mobile and the office number will be available, please don’t start calling us al at once, before tomorrow evening we will have called you. The office number has been forwarded to the mobile nr , we do expect a lot of phone calls so if the line is busy that’s the reason. We are available from 09.00 till 11  and from 13.00 to 15.00 uk time.

Also just to make it clear we are not taking any bookings

Marc Westenberg